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Baz's Gear

Due to his continual search for the best tone, Baz's gear changes frequently

Current setup is as follows:-
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Baz exclusively uses and is endorsed by:

Steve Clayton Custom Picks

Custom Printed Printed .80mm White Heavy Triangle Delrin
Custom Printed Printed .88mm Green Heavy Triangle Delrin

Electric Guitars: `

Ibanez JEM7VWH
Signed by Steve Vai

Schecter Damien Elite 7 FR
Signed by all of Lacuna Coil

Japanese Squier Strat

Personally Customised “Frankenstrat” Mexican Squier Strat

Personally Customised Michael Schenker CMI Flying V

Harley Benton HBR7 - 450FR BK

Jackson Dinky Std

Roland G202 Guitar Synth

Washburn Tour24

Acoustic Guitars:

Ovation Applause AE-28 Electro-Acoustic


Peavey IPR1600 Power Amp


Purple Chili Sigature BAZ CUSTOM Mono / Stereo 2 x 12 Cab


TC Electronic G-System

Tech 21 SansAmp PSA 1.1 Preamp

Morley Bad Horsie Wah

Boss FV500L Volume

Digitech Whammy4

MXR EVH Phaser

Ibanez Jemini Distortion

Boss MT2 Metal Zone

Boss AC2 Acoustic Simulator

Peterson Strobostomp2 Tuner

Badger Effects BigPipe Line Driver

Samson PB11 Rack Power Distributon / Conditioner / Light


Trantec S4.4EAUK UHF Receiver

Trantec S4.4EAUK UHF Beltpack

Wireless In-Ear Monitors:

LD MEI100X Wireless System

Shure SE425 Earbuds

Baz exclusively uses D'Addario strings on all guitars:

6 String E Tuned Guitars - EXL-120 (009-042)
6 String D / Drop-C Tuned Guitars - EXL-110 (010-046)
7 String B Tuned Guitars - EXL-120-7 (009-057)
7 String C Tuned Guitars - EXL-110-7 (010-059)
Acoustic E Tuned Guitars - 80/20 Bronze EJ10 (010-047)

Planet Waves, DiMarzio


Warwick 5 Guitar Rack

MBrace Guitar Holder
Baz exclusively uses Neutrik connectors